Accomodation in Ayvalık

In Ayvalık, which is one of the must-see holiday destinations with its historical and natural beauties, there are low-cost accomodation options for domestic and foreign tourists.  Hotels in Ayvalık take you back to the past with its historical and architectural features.

Types of Accomodation

There are many options for accomodation in Ayvalık such as; apart hotels, boutique hotels, hotels with pool and hostels. In other words, it is possible to plan a low-cost holiday in Ayvalık. Hotel prices may change. Some hotels offer all-inclusive option while some can be hostels. You should search well the offered services before you choose the hotel you will stay. You can save money because of reservation option, if there is any.

Hotels in Ayvalık

Most of the hotels located in stone alleys in Ayvalık are boutique hotels and most of those hotels are formed by residents of Ayvalık. If you choose tos tay in central areas, you can be closer both to the sea and to Sarımsaklı beach and Cunda Island, which are worth-seeing beauties.

Hotels in Cunda Island

Most of the hotels in Cunda Island are taken in to service by restoration of ancient stone Greek houses. You are welcomed sincerely because owners of the hotels are residents of Cunda. There are hostels and boutique hotels rather than luxury hotels. Hotel services are provided by the owners of hotels in person.