Sarımsaklı is a hotel area, 5 km away from center of Ayvalık. It has an easy access by Sarımsaklı buses leaving every 15-20 minutes. Sarımsaklı beaches are famous for being small and cute and they have blue flag.

Sarımsaklı Beaches

Sarımsaklı beaches have an important role in tourism in Turkey with their clear sea and thin sands and they are 13 km. You can go swimming in public beaches or you can prefer private beaches, if you are looking for mor quiet and secluded places.

What to do in Sarımsaklı?

After enjoying blue-flag beaches, you can watch the sunset in company with the spectecular view in Şeytan Sofrası. You can go long trekking in Çamlı or you can visit Ayiu Athanasiu Church and Küçükköy Mosque in Küçükköy town or interesting-shaped Gelin Kaya and Deliklitaş. After you enjoy the sun and the sea in the daytime, you can have fun in night clubs or pubs in the night. Besides, if you like boat tour, you can fulfil this wish by many alternatives in Sarımsaklı.

What to eat in Sarımsaklı?

You should try “saka”,which is a different pickle made of cheese, and “höşmerim” dessert specific to the area made of cheese and sugar, papalina fish and Ayvalık toast. Besides, you should buy some olive oil and green olives with almond to take them home after you taste it. Also, you should taste the appetizers made of seafood and meals with olive oil.