History of Ayvalık

Ayvalık region has a history dates back to very old times. According to the researches, it is understood that this place was ruled first by Hittites, then Phrygian and Lydians. However, the establishment of today’s Ayvalık dates back to 1430s. The Ottoman who wants to corner Byzantines used Cunda Island as a naval base. Afterwards, Turkish sailors settled in the island. The Greek settled in the island after the Turkish became rich because of olive oil, winemaking and leather trade and their population increased. By the schools that they opened, they made this place as a center of Greek culture.

Enemy invasion

The Greek that had self-rule by the studies of priest İkonomos and obtained the right to establish a Greek municipal in 1740. According to the articles of self-rule document, the Turkish were forced to leave their houses.There was conflict between the Turkish and Greek and Greek escaped to the other islands after they have been said to drop their guns. The Greek started to movements against to Turkish again, after the proclamation of constitutional monarchy. The Greek who invaded Smyrna during the war of independence also invaded Ayvalık on May 29th May.

To be get rescued from the enemy

Commander of 172nd infantry regiment founded Ayvalık side taking volunteers from the people and conflicted to get saved from the enemy invasion.However, Ayvalık was occupied by enemies for 3.5 years and got saved on 15th September in 1992. According to the cartel, The Greek in this area were sent to and the Turkish from Cretan and Lesbos Islands were settled instead the Greek  and the city was started to repaired.