What to do in Ayvalık

With its deep blue sea and very clean air, Ayvalık is located in aegean sea coast and is one of the most important tourism centers  in Turkey. The county is located in right across the Midilli Island and is in aegean side of Balıkesir. It is very rich in terms of olive trees and pine forest and has archipelagos named “Ayvalık Islands”.

Watch the sunset in “Şeytan Sofrası”

Şeytan Sofrası hill specific to Ayvalık takes this name from a hole in the hill which is liken to the footprint of the Devil. You can see the whole Ayvalık and watch the splendid sunset view in the hill.

Dive around the Ayvalık archipelagos

You can dive around the multi-sized islands in Ayvalık and you can witness the splendid  atmosphere  under the water apart from the overhead beauties that Ayvalık has. If you haven’t tried diving yet, there are private diving courses for you.

Go swimming in Sarımsaklı beach

You can swim in the beaches located in Küçükköy town which is long for 12 km and sunbathe during the day. Also, in the lunch counters in seashore you can taste awesome Ayvalık toast.

Visit Cunda Island

You can walk in the narrow streets of Cunda Island and buy souvenirs for your loved ones. If you like taking photos, you will enjoy taking photos walking in the cobblestone streets in Cunda. You should absolutely try sea beans and papalina fish.

Join in boat tours

To visit Ayvalık, which is composed of large and small islands, in detail, you should join in boat tours and discover the town that is famous for its natural beauties in this way.